Latest requests

Training a dog

Hello I am looking for someone who can help me train my dog. It is a 2 year old male. Friendly dog.. but when I take the dog on walks can get nervous and then just refuse to walk. I find it hard as I am unsure on what the best way is to increase my dogs confidence. If anyone can help or give advice that would be brilliant drop me a message. Thanks

Tutor in maths- level 2 functional


I am currently doing level 2 functional in maths. I am trying my best to pass but I really feel I need extra help. I find maths in general hard. If you are good at maths and happy to help, drop me a message would really appreciate it. 

Thank you

Head shot

I would like a head shot to be taken so that I can use the photo on social media to represent my business.

Car cleaned on the inside

I would like my car hoovered and polished on the inside, including the cleaning of windows. All materials and equipment supplied.

Teach me how to maintain my bike

Over the last couple of months I've been cycling to and from work. My bike is second hand and I'd like to be shown how to maintain it - specifically:

  • how to repair rust damage on the frame
  • how to adjust gears/brakes and identify if parts need replacing
  • how to degrease and regrease the chain, gears etc
  • advice on the best accessories to buy (and where to go) for improving safety and comfort on my commutes
I currently have a Trek T10 hybrid, in case that matters!

Teach me to use a sewing machine

I went to an all-boys school, and so I've never been taught Textiles in any format.

I'm quite creative, though, and would love to learn how to do basic things like:

  • Repair stitching that has come unpicked
  • Turn up hems on a pair of trousers
  • Use a sewing machine to make minor modifications to existing garments
Could you help me?

Help setting up as freelance business

Over the last year, I've been doing a little freelance work (data analysis, creative resource development, writing, social media training).

My freelance work will probably remain a side project for the time being, but I'm interested in how I go about setting myself up as an actual business - or if indeed I need to do this at the moment?

I'd appreciate anyone who can give me a little advice on the basics of setting up as a professional freelancer - bank accounts, tax, branding, marketing etc.

I would like some coving fitted

I have a small area that I would really like finished off with some coving - it's 0.85 x 1.94m.

I'm thinking that for someone who knows whay to do, it should only take around an hour to cut & fit up - does that sound about right?

I would buy the coving & adhesive & paint it when it was all set.

I'm sure my husband could do it, but it's very far down his list of jobs & I don't think it will ever happen!

Thanks for looking.

I want to cook more authentic Chinese food

I love cooking and am happy to experiment but my Chinese dishes never taste really authentic. Can you help me? 

I particularly want to learn how to make Char Sui Pork buns, but am happy to give anything a go.


dishwasher repair person

Our dishwasher has broken down and has been just sitting there for a while, Maybe you could take a look and let us know how to fix it? would help lots

e-mail and facebook skills

learning how to make attachments to e-mail and uploading photos and posting on Facebook. And maybe a few other things.

Help in the Garden

Would appreciate an extra pair of hands while I work in my garden. I am a very experienced gardener and wiling to share knowledge, but would like a person to keep me company and help with the amount of weeding to be done. 

There is a dog next door, but they are behind the fence.

Work Visa Advice

My boyfriend lives abroad but would like to move here to live with me and work. I need some advice on the work visa process.
Thank you


I would like someone to do some ironing , mainly men's shirts and trousers. Good steam iron available with adjustable ironing board.

learn sign language

start to learn sign language

Bicycle Restoration

I have a bicycle from when I was in the AirForce. It needs some major fixing up - including brakes, chain, gears etc. I am not sure what needs to be done really so would appreciate any help!


I would really appreciate if someone could help me redo my CV.  When it comes to doing it my eyes glaze over, my mind gets foggy.

So if you are good with words, know how to make a CV look jazzy, snazzy and attractive then get in touch.


I would like some help in the garden. Clearing the area, tidying it up. I am going to be cutting high up and would like someone to be with me for safety.

Memories of Sutton

I would like to know more about Sutton in the 1950s and 60s - or earlier, if anyone can remember that far back. If you have memories to share or pictures or recordings I would like to hear from you.

Dog Socialisation - Dog owners need apply!

We have a new 1 year old dog and he has not been used to mixing with other dogs. Would like to get him used to being around other dogs - perhaps to go on a walk together.

Making ice-cream

I love ice-cream and I'd love to learn how to make it!

Windows XP help

Show a frustrated Apple user how to use Windows XP!  Esp Excel :)

Mountain Biking Routes

I returned to cycling about 3 years ago and love riding 'off road', but there don't seem to be many interesting trails around Sutton (I've found a few, but there must be more); I'm looking for challenging routes, but not 'mad, scary' ones. Do you know any good trail rides within a half-hour's drive of Sutton? Would you show me where they are and ride them with me so I learn the route? In return, I'll transport you and your bike there and back.

Learn bike maintenance

Recent road bike user and would like to learn how to change a tyre and keep my bike well maintained.