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Cooking Lessons for Teenagers

I have spent many years teaching children and young people to cook.  This offer is to teach a teenager how to cook a family meal of their choosing.  I will supply recipes, utensils and cooking equipment.  Ingredients to be purchased and brought along to the lesson.

Offering a Garden Room/Studio space for meetings

I have a Garden Room/Studio Space in my garden currently used for Pilates classes twice a week.  Free the rest of the time.

Help setting up a Gantt Chart

Need to put a project plan together? Want to schedule or plan in the work to ensure you deliver on time and on brief? Then Gantt charts are a really simple and effective way to ensure you hold yourslef accountable to the work that needs to be done within a set time period.

I use Gantt charts for lots of project management and I would be happy to share my knowledge and set you up with an Excel spreadsheet that can be used time and time again for your projects. Whether to help you plan for redecorating your home or help you within your employment projects, Gantt charts are really flexible!

Driving and accompanying on a trip

I am happy and able to take out adults in my car to places of interest for social purposes eg garden centres/shops and escort as necessary.

I have a professional background in working with adults and older people and am keen to help people access outside interests and activities.

I currently work part time but am available one or two days in the week and can usually make arrangements up to a month in advance.

***DISCLAIMER added by Sutton Shares Broker: In addition to the time credits mutually agreed between Recipient and Offerer, which cover the time and skills given, all mileage must also be paid by the Recipient to the Offerer at the Volunteer Centre Sutton fixed rate of 40 pence per mile.  Mileage includes the Offerer’s journey from her/his own address to the Recipient’s address and back again, in addition to the agreed journey itself, and should be paid up-front and in cash to the Recipient at the end of the offered time. The Offerer has already provided Sutton Shares with full details of their most recent MOT, insurance policy and drivers licence, as well as proof of their professional qualifications. Please see page 10 of your Member Handbook for further details.***

help with shopping - online or in store (within 3 miles of Sutton)

I am offering to help you with your shopping. I will pick you up and take you to a store (local to Sutton), push your trolley, pack your bags and deliver you home again. Alternatively, I will show you how to set up grocery shopping online with Ocado or your preferred supermarket and guide you through your first shop.

to help you prepare a home-cooked meal

Always wanted to cook a traditional roast chicken dinner but lack the confidence to try? Or perhaps you are a confident cook entertaining more people than usual and would like some help preparing? I am offering to come to your home and spend a couple of hours helping you in your kitchen. You might prefer to spend the time baking cakes, cookies, scones, etc. - some to eat fresh and some for the freezer perhaps. I suggest that the menu is discussed in advance of buying ingredients - you might want help deciding what to cook/buy and it would be a good idea to agree on something I have done before, though I am happy to bring recipe books along if required. I can do weekday afternoons between 1 and 3 (during school terms) and some evenings and weekends by arrangement.


Happy to do basic cooking - cakes, casseroles etc

Balloon/party decorating

I can assist with decoration your location for your party or event, I can do various balloon decorations including simple archways, double bubbles & many more! If you give me an idea of what you want maybe a picture I can tell you if that was something I can do! 
Please note you will have to supply materials & I can guild you on this!
if you need my help just ask
thanks for looking Devika

A BIG clear out! Keep/Send to charity or file under B!

I am a lover of sorting! I'm a person who finds it easy to bin what's not needed but keep those important things or send them to charity. 

So if you need a big sort out then send me an email! We would need cardboard boxes and black sacks!

Tutoring for your child - Years: R-Yr4 (Primary)

I am a qualified Primary Teacher who has been teaching for 9 years. I have mainly worked in Early Years and Key Stage 1 so I am an expert when it comes to Year 2 SATS! 

I have worked with children in years 3-6 teaching music and tutored a child in Year 4 for a little while. 

If you are interested then please send me an email and say what your child would like support with. 

Cleaning services!

I am a fan of cleaning! I know this sounds strange BUT it's what I enjoy doing :) So if you are in need of a little polish here and there a spot of hovering then I am offering my services. I do ask that the cleaning materials are provided please. 

Even though I've said that I'm an amateur  I like to think I am a thorough cleaner! :) 

Help and advice for parents with their children's behaviour

Do you sometimes feel "Outnumbered" by your children?   All families go through storming patches at some stage but it can feel overwhelming at times.   I have many years' experience in working with schools, families and other professionals to support them with understanding and managing difficult behaviour and helping children and young people feel happier and more willing to communicate effectively.   I also have experience of how difficult communication can be as a parent myself.   I'd be willing to meet with any parent or carer to discuss things non-judgementally and hopefully offer ideas or suggestions which may help.

Organisational skills

I am an incredibly organised person who enjoys getting things in order! If you feel that your paperwork is getting out of hand, or is just shoved in a drawer somewhere, I can come and help you get it into some kind of order, label files, tell you what to keep or not, and generally help you feel more on top of things!

You will need to supply files and labels if you want things to be filed away, or I can just help you get things into piles with an action list and you can do the rest yourself!

Help with Driving Theory Test

This can be done at your home or mine.  I can go through theory test questions with you, explain answers and help with a strategy for remembering infiormation

A lift

I can offer up to 3 people a lift.  No room for luggage (no boot space) - could do a Gatwick run in an hour I guess. (For one person and small bags on back seat)  I am an approved Driving Instructor and hold several advanced Driving Qualifications

***DISCLAIMER added by Sutton Shares Broker: In addition to the time credits mutually agreed between Recipient and Offerer, which cover the time and skills given, all mileage must also be paid by the Recipient to the Offerer at the Volunteer Centre Sutton fixed rate of 40 pence per mile.  Mileage includes the Offerer’s journey from her/his own address to the Recipient’s address and back again, in addition to the agreed journey itself, and should be paid up-front and in cash to the Recipient at the end of the offered time. The Offerer has already provided Sutton Shares with full details of their most recent MOT, insurance policy and drivers licence. Please see page 10 of your Member Handbook for further details.***

Dog walking

Haven't got time to walk your pooch one week? I'd be happy to do it for you. My daughter loves dogs but her dad won't let her have one.  She would love to have the chance to come for a walk with me & your dog.

Soup making

As with pickles, my enjoyment of making soups has come from not wanting to waste food. Instead of throwing away veggies that you may not be able to use, why not turn them into delicious soups?

Particular favourites in our house are leek & potato; sweede and bacon, allsorts-broth & chicken noodle soup.

Really easy to do & addative-free.

Pickle and chutney making

I hate wasting food, so over the years have become pretty good at making pickles, chutneys & jams.

I have some fantastic pickle & chutney recipes including ones for pickled chillis, pickled beetroot, lime pickle, plum ketchup and apple chutney.

If you're interested in learning how to make any of these, please get in touch. 

I can provide you with a list of ingedients you need to purchase (or grow) and then we can make delicious trucklements together!

Basic DIY around the home

I love DIY and would be happy to help on a number of small projects around your house:

  • Putting up a shelf or shelves - e.g. attaching 2 packaged shelves and fixings (1hr)
  • Adding hardware to your front door or porch - e.g. fixing slate with door number onto wall (15mins), attaching a door knocker or remote-controlled bell to front door (15mins), changing the lock barrel (45mins)
  • Draft-proofing your doors or windows - e.g. affixing new sealing tape in door joins (15mins per door/large window), draft excluding skirts to bottom of doors (30mins)
  • Small repairs (e.g. polyfilling holes in walls (15mins per room - this excludes painting over), resecuring handles on cupboard doors (time dependent on size/number of repairs)
These are all projects that I have done successfully in my own home. The exact timing may vary but I'd be prepared to do any jobs totalling an hour in the time. I would confirm whether I could complete all discussed work when I arrived and saw the materials and relevant rooms. All materials would need to be provided in advance (I can advise you on what you'd need to get).

NB: Although I'm happy to discuss other DIY jobs you may need, my offer does NOT include doing any of the following: painting, wallpapering, sanding, sawing, heavy lifting, fine carpentry, garden repairs (unless May-August), or anything involving interaction with electricity or gas.

How to Improve your Singing

Do you want to improve your singing?

I was brought up in a very musical family, surrounded by music and being given the opportunity to learn to play various instruments (brass, recorder, piano) and teach myself others (guitar, bass guitar, drums). I have a very musical ear and know whether someone is singing in key!

In addition, from as long as I can remember, I've sung with my family, in church, in choirs and in music groups. I lead the worship group in my church, meaning I often have to teach the congregation how to sing a new song, and keeping one ear on the harmonies of the singers in my band in case they're not working. I know whether someone is straining their voice or not supporting their voice with their breathing.

I wouldn't win The Voice UK or The X Factor, but I have a decent sounding voice (which has been confirmed by others asking me to sing at their weddings, conferences and summer schools) and I would be able to take you through a few techniques to help improve the overall quality and tone of your voice, and, hopefully therefore, your confidence. In one of my jobs I worked alongside vocal coaches who were training young people on a course I led, so I've picked up a few useful tips from them too.

In an hour I'd listen to you sing, take you through a few warm-ups, and help you work on a song or two (of your choice, if you'd prefer!). I play guitar so would accompany you on this rather than using backing tracks (which can't be slowed down or changed into a different key easily!) We'd probably record the session so that you could listen to it again later and so that I could point out certain things about your voice that we could work on.

NB: This session is for amateurs who want to build their confidence and ability. It's not professional vocal coaching. It also isn't going to let someone who's never done any kind of singing in public before become an overnight success. It's for people that can sing a little, but who haven't had any formal training and wa

New to Acoustic/Bass Guitar?

Have you just started playing guitar (whether that's acoustic, electric or bass), can't afford guitar lessons but need a few tips to get you started?

I taught myself how to play bass and acoustic guitar about 10 years ago, and currently lead the music group at my church. I've led the music at many different events, including weddings (including my own!), conferences and summer schools, write and arrange my own music on the guitar, and have plenty of experience in helping players in a band gel and complement each other while playing (I also play keyboard/piano and drums, which helps this last point).

I'm not an expert guitarist - I'm more of a jack of all trades who's taught himself to play various instruments (currently working on learning accordion) but my strengths are that I understand music theory very well, I understand the process of learning an instrument, and I've succeeded in getting from 'unskilled' to 'very reasonable standard of playing' several times.

In an hour session I'd find out what you already know and can do (I can teach you to re-string and tune a guitar if you've never done this), teach you a small number of basic chords which many popular songs uses (I can teach you the 'quick fix' simplified chords too, which are easier to play) and - together - we'll practise playing a few songs using those chords (with a focus on changing from one chord to another).

In an hour session I'd find out what you already know and can do (I can teach you to re-string and tune a bass guitar if you've never done this), teach you a small number of basic techniqes for playing, including tips for increasing the variety of what you're playing (octaves/fifths, walking bass, how bassists can change the dynamic of a song, and how to match the bass line with what the drummer is playing) and - together, with me playing acoustic guitar - we'll practise playing a few songs, with a focus on making you first more confident and then more creative in what you're playing

Need Help with Words?

Do you struggle with words, have to or want to write something (a message in a birthday card, a best man's speech, a personal statement for your CV) and don't know where to start?

Keep reading.

I've always loved words.

I love finding fitting phrases, and I love making words work well together, improving the way they sound using alliteration, assonance and consonance.

I love knowing what words mean - it turns out hat 3 years of Latin teaching at school was invaluable for this - and I love cleverly combining words to create text that tickles, inspires or moves your readers.

And I love spelling and grammar!

Here's my offer:

 Make use of my passion for, and skill with, words in a one-hour 1-2-1 session to:

  • Create a short poem, limerick or paragraph for a special person in your life, to write in a card for their birthday, anniversary or other special event.
  • Write a strong personal statement for your CV or biographical blurb for your social media account that quickly summarises your key strengths for your reader.
  • Proofread a speech, short essay or short report and get suggestions for changes to make it more effective and more memorable.
During the hour I will work closely with you: it's you that provides the content and knows you or your family member or friend best, I would just be helping you to create or refine something that sounds good. I would ask lots of questions to ensure the piece of writing meets your needs.

I would prefer to keep a writing session to one hour - but am open to discussing this.

NB: Proofreading requires the speech/essay/report to already be written at least in draft form. I will not write essays on your behalf! Limericks/poems, although much shorter, require a longer time to create with you. I've been a Best Man three times, so I can certainly help structure your speech and make sure you've included everything!

Please get in touch if you have any ideas which I've n

Job interview support

Preparing for a professional job interview?

I can help you to understand what the interviewer might be looking for and how to prepare.   WIth more time we could offer a practice interview with feedback.

I did some job interviewing and "milk round" interviewng for my employer before I retired a year ago, and this involved some 8 days of interviewer training.

Photographic post-processing using GIMP

Want to edit your digital photos?  Want to improve a good picture to make it even better?

I would be happy to help someone who is unfamiliar with GIMP (a free software package similar to Photoshop) get to grips with the basics of cropping, levels, cloning, sharpening, layers etc - I but  won't claim to be an expert!

Using a Digital SLR Camera

New digital camera? Puzzled by the terminology? Want to take better pictures?

I enjoy photography and would like to share some of my experience.  I use a Canon EOS650d SLR and a smal Canon IXUS compact.

Help with using computers

Struggling to ge ta spreadsheet to work?  Unsure how to use an email system?   I would be happy to help someone become more familiar with using email, web-browsing, Excel spreadsheets or similar.

Need a meeting space in Wallington?


We have a few different rooms suitable for meetings/workshops for approx 10 people situated close to Wallington Station and Shotfield Medical Centre. Available at a variety of times - please get in touch if you would like to have a look/check availability.

Need a new activity for your social group?

If you are involved in a social group or work in a home for the elderly/disabled and are looking for a fun new activity why not ask us to come and do a Boccia session for you?  Boccia is a seated target game that can be adapted to suit most needs - it's fun, easy to play and we would welcome the opportunity to come and give you a taster session whilst increasing awareness of the work we do.

Cleaning help

Need help cleaning you house? then you have found the right person.. I am very happy to help clean your house and also clean out any rooms etc. I enjoy cleaning so I wont get bored!! If interested please message me, also if you can supply the equipment.

Produce a website that you can self manage

Simple to use, free website. In a couple of hours  you can have a basic public presence to promote your idea or organisation.

Baby/Toddler swimming

My Son and I have trained in swimming skills with Aquatots since he was 3 months old. He is now still under 2 and will be starting level 8 next term. (january) I am comfortable and capable in the water and my son has gained confidence under water.

If you have a baby or tot and would like to come play, (both mum and tot go in the water) then please do come along. We can show you some new skills if you were thinking of new things to try in the water to make it more fun.

We can get to westcroft pool.

I cant post a link but please check out Aquatots on you tube UK version

Baby signing

Im not professional, but my son (under 2) and I have been going to professional baby signing classes together, he knows to communicate over 50 words with me and counting. I would be happy to share our knowledge in my smoke free/pet free home and pass on such a brilliant skill.

Babies are off course welcome and also a friend perhaps. I can provide tea and biscuits and a safe area for playtime. I could also pass on my recommendations on signing courses if you want to continue the signing with your little one.

Its not just for the hearing impaired, Its actually a brilliant way of communicating with your child to limit fustration on both sides and a wonderful skill for them to continue as they grow up.

company/listening ear

Do you feel alone, isolated, or just want a chat? I can come and have a friendly chat and tea or accompany you swimming, out and about ect, day time only.

Cooking spagetti bolognaise

I would like to share my skills in making a spagetti bolognaise. At my house, I have the tools, you just need to buy the ingriedients and take away your healthy food in freezer containers. Its important to have good value, healthy food thats easily warmed up in minutes for a meal for yourself, or your family.

Healthy cooking/eating advice ideas

I have done a lot of reading and experimentation in the area of food and nutrition. I eat a clean diet (hardly any processed foods) and cook all my meals from scratch. I you want to learn how to cook interesting and healthy meals from scratch or how to cook decent healthy food on a budget I can help you do this. 

I can help you plan a healthy meal for you/ the family/ friends and advise you on healthy options if you have specific dietary needs ie gluten free or sugar free etc! I am not a trained cook but am told by friends and family I am a good one and make really nice food. 

Musical Tuition

I offer guitar and mandolin tuition and can explain chord theory, which would enable you to play chords on any instrument. I don't read music and play by ear. You would need your own instrument. I can come to your home or meet in a public place.


I am very good in the garden and am happy to share my knowledge and be an extra pair of hands. I have a hedge trimmer I am willing to bring along.

Detoxifying skinny wraps

I am able to offer taster sessions for people who would like to experience a detoxifying skinny wrap. This promotes health and well being .The products are included for free in the taster session only. The products will be available for purchase , however, there is no obligation to purchase the products following the treatment. I am able to carryout the taster sessions in your home or mine.

Garden Design

I am able to offer garden design advice for all aspects of gardens including hard and soft landscaping. I have a good knowledge of plants and enjoy design plant borders. This is an advisory service only. I don't draw up plans for this particular service.


I am able to help someone with light garden duties , like weeding, sweeping,pruning and general tidying of the garden. I am not able to chop trees down or dig out large shrubs.

Swimming Lessons

I've taught my children to swim and would be happy to help you learn to swim! You will gain confidence in the water and learn basic strokes. We could go to Westcroft or Cheam pool.


I can proofread for your newsletter, writing, school work etc. I have some experience doing the neighbourhood association newsletter and am good as spelling and grammar.

Teach Pottery

I can show you how to throw a pot.  I have my own pottery equipment and am happy to have you try. Please note: This would not include finishing (firing), this session would only have you try the pottery wheel and get the feel of the clay.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep what you make because we can't finish it unless you want to take it to a location that has a kiln to glaze and fire it.

Help with Animals

If you need help feeding/ walking your pet if you are out for the day, I can help.  I can also ride/ muck out horses if you need emergency cover.

How to budget

Do you have trouble with tracking your finances?  I can help you by teaching you some good budgeting tools and passing on my experiences of saving money. 

Help setting up a blog online

Want to set up a blog but don't know what kind / how to?

I will help you choose what kind of blog to set up and how best to update it.

All you need to do is decide what your blog is about!

Chat about Nichiren Buddhism

If you are interested in Nichiren Buddhism (or Buddhism in general) let me know and I will happily talk with you about it.

Go for a walk

If someone wants some company whilst going on a walk somewhere just let me know and I will be there.