Summer Time

Over the summer I’ve been involved with a number of Sutton Shares exchanges.
summer exchanges matt
Inge, a Garden Designer, gave my wife and I half an hour’s expert advice on what we could do to develop our garden.


Then, I met up with Cynthia, who had requested some help organising the collections on her Kindle and problem solving some issues with using her iPad for video calls with family members.


I led the Sutton Shares social event, ‘Essential Twitter’, sharing my key tips and techniques for using social media effectively in an increasingly digital age.


Last week, I spent a great couple of hours learning how to make jam from Gaye. (I’ve since made 2 types of jam and 3 types of chutney)


And this week I’ll be meeting Derek to start putting together my family tree.


I’ve given three hours, received three hours, and not paid a penny. In return I’ve received expert advice, helped solve other’s problems, shared my own experience and valued that of others, learned new skills, connected with new members of my community and had a lot of fun in the process.


Why not make use of the immense value of Sutton Shares by doing one of the following right now?