Meet a Member: Petrica


We often receive feedback about the positive impact of Sutton Shares on the lives of its members. Here’s a snapshot from one of our members, Petrica:


Tell us a bit about yourself
Hi, I’m Petrica. I’m a wife, mum and dog-owner interested in health, fitness, athletics, NLP and social media.

What skills do you offer on Sutton Shares?
I have a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, and love sharing my expertise and experience to help people get (back) into fitness through running.

What attracted you to the idea of timebanking?
I thought it was a great opportunity to have new experiences and learn new skills, as well as giving me the opportunity to find out more about my local community and meet like-minded people.

How have you been involved in the timebank so far?
I met up with another Sutton Shares member in a local park to take her running. We chatted about why she wanted to get back into running and what she wanted to achieve, and then gave her advice on techniques for building up to her 10k run goal.

I’ve also attended a couple of excellent social events: the bread making workshop in March (LINK), where I learned some useful new skills as well as meeting and sharing stories with others; and the social media workshop in July (LINK), which helped develop my skills for my job and understand more about what my teenage boys are up to when they’re using social media!

In what ways have you benefited from being a member of Sutton Shares?
I’ve had the opportunity to link more closely with others in my community, been inspired by people’s stories and been able to upskill for free!