30th June: Breadmaking Masterclass

BREAD MAKING social event flyer  30 JUNE PNG

  • Tried to make your own bread before and don’t know where you went wrong?
  • Want to sample a variety of artisan loaves in an award-winning community pub?
  • Knead to ask an expert Bread Angel about sourdoughs or shaping?

Last year, Sutton Shares member Gaye led our March social event: a breadmaking workshop at the Hope pub in Carshalton. It was so popular, we’re running it again!

In this hands-on masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Make Soft Breadstickswith different flavours and decorations
  • Learn the basic science behind successful breadmaking
  • Practise kneading techniquesto ensure your loaves have the perfect crumb
  • Sample some artisan loaves and our fresh breadsticks along with a variety of cheeses and chutneys
  • Produce good-looking bread by learning about shaping and cutting techniques
  • Ask questions about any aspect of breadmaking from a real expert

This Masterclass is open to anyone who lives, works or visits Sutton, with the following provisos!

Cost: 2 time credits and £2 per person.

The time credits cover the time of the workshop, and the £2 cover the cost of the ingredients used and food consumed in the session

If you’re already a Sutton Shares member, we’ll handle the payment for you; if you’re not, you are very welcome to book in, and all we ask is that you sign up to the timebank before attending the session!

How to book: Pick whichever’s easiest for you: book online, by email, or on our Facebook Page!

What to bring: £2 and an apron to shield your clothes from flour and dough! Please also support the Hope pub by buying a drink or two over the course of the evening!

Any Questions?: Give Matt a ring on 8661 5926, email or Facebook us!