A lift

Listed by: Alison Sinclair

I can offer up to 3 people a lift.  No room for luggage (no boot space) - could do a Gatwick run in an hour I guess. (For one person and small bags on back seat)  I am an approved Driving Instructor and hold several advanced Driving Qualifications

***DISCLAIMER added by Sutton Shares Broker: In addition to the time credits mutually agreed between Recipient and Offerer, which cover the time and skills given, all mileage must also be paid by the Recipient to the Offerer at the Volunteer Centre Sutton fixed rate of 40 pence per mile.  Mileage includes the Offerer’s journey from her/his own address to the Recipient’s address and back again, in addition to the agreed journey itself, and should be paid up-front and in cash to the Recipient at the end of the offered time. The Offerer has already provided Sutton Shares with full details of their most recent MOT, insurance policy and drivers licence. Please see page 10 of your Member Handbook for further details.***


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