Basic DIY around the home

Listed by: Matt Little

I love DIY and would be happy to help on a number of small projects around your house:

  • Putting up a shelf or shelves - e.g. attaching 2 packaged shelves and fixings (1hr)
  • Adding hardware to your front door or porch - e.g. fixing slate with door number onto wall (15mins), attaching a door knocker or remote-controlled bell to front door (15mins), changing the lock barrel (45mins)
  • Draft-proofing your doors or windows - e.g. affixing new sealing tape in door joins (15mins per door/large window), draft excluding skirts to bottom of doors (30mins)
  • Small repairs (e.g. polyfilling holes in walls (15mins per room - this excludes painting over), resecuring handles on cupboard doors (time dependent on size/number of repairs)
These are all projects that I have done successfully in my own home. The exact timing may vary but I'd be prepared to do any jobs totalling an hour in the time. I would confirm whether I could complete all discussed work when I arrived and saw the materials and relevant rooms. All materials would need to be provided in advance (I can advise you on what you'd need to get).

NB: Although I'm happy to discuss other DIY jobs you may need, my offer does NOT include doing any of the following: painting, wallpapering, sanding, sawing, heavy lifting, fine carpentry, garden repairs (unless May-August), or anything involving interaction with electricity or gas.



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