How to Improve your Singing

Listed by: Matt Little

Do you want to improve your singing?

I was brought up in a very musical family, surrounded by music and being given the opportunity to learn to play various instruments (brass, recorder, piano) and teach myself others (guitar, bass guitar, drums). I have a very musical ear and know whether someone is singing in key!

In addition, from as long as I can remember, I've sung with my family, in church, in choirs and in music groups. I lead the worship group in my church, meaning I often have to teach the congregation how to sing a new song, and keeping one ear on the harmonies of the singers in my band in case they're not working. I know whether someone is straining their voice or not supporting their voice with their breathing.

I wouldn't win The Voice UK or The X Factor, but I have a decent sounding voice (which has been confirmed by others asking me to sing at their weddings, conferences and summer schools) and I would be able to take you through a few techniques to help improve the overall quality and tone of your voice, and, hopefully therefore, your confidence. In one of my jobs I worked alongside vocal coaches who were training young people on a course I led, so I've picked up a few useful tips from them too.

In an hour I'd listen to you sing, take you through a few warm-ups, and help you work on a song or two (of your choice, if you'd prefer!). I play guitar so would accompany you on this rather than using backing tracks (which can't be slowed down or changed into a different key easily!) We'd probably record the session so that you could listen to it again later and so that I could point out certain things about your voice that we could work on.

NB: This session is for amateurs who want to build their confidence and ability. It's not professional vocal coaching. It also isn't going to let someone who's never done any kind of singing in public before become an overnight success. It's for people that can sing a little, but who haven't had any formal training and wa



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