Need Help with Words?

Listed by: Matt Little

Do you struggle with words, have to or want to write something (a message in a birthday card, a best man's speech, a personal statement for your CV) and don't know where to start?

Keep reading.

I've always loved words.

I love finding fitting phrases, and I love making words work well together, improving the way they sound using alliteration, assonance and consonance.

I love knowing what words mean - it turns out hat 3 years of Latin teaching at school was invaluable for this - and I love cleverly combining words to create text that tickles, inspires or moves your readers.

And I love spelling and grammar!

Here's my offer:

 Make use of my passion for, and skill with, words in a one-hour 1-2-1 session to:

  • Create a short poem, limerick or paragraph for a special person in your life, to write in a card for their birthday, anniversary or other special event.
  • Write a strong personal statement for your CV or biographical blurb for your social media account that quickly summarises your key strengths for your reader.
  • Proofread a speech, short essay or short report and get suggestions for changes to make it more effective and more memorable.
During the hour I will work closely with you: it's you that provides the content and knows you or your family member or friend best, I would just be helping you to create or refine something that sounds good. I would ask lots of questions to ensure the piece of writing meets your needs.

I would prefer to keep a writing session to one hour - but am open to discussing this.

NB: Proofreading requires the speech/essay/report to already be written at least in draft form. I will not write essays on your behalf! Limericks/poems, although much shorter, require a longer time to create with you. I've been a Best Man three times, so I can certainly help structure your speech and make sure you've included everything!

Please get in touch if you have any ideas which I've n



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