How it works

Sutton Shares Time Bank is a skills exchange network based in Sutton. It is a way for local people to help each other, build relationships and be recognised for the help that they give.

Individuals join the Sutton Shares timebank as members and then for every hour’s help they give to another (e.g. Spanish lesson, medning a gutter, web design) they receive one time credit which they can then spend to receive help from another member (e.g. leg waxing, bike fixing, zumba class).

Exchanges don’t have to be a give-take scenario between two people;  time banking is a cycle of exchanges that continues on with many time bank members.


What can I exchange?

Most of the skills swapped through a Time Bank are those that you could reasonably expect your neighbour to be able to do for you, such as teaching computer skills, car washing, language skills, cooking, cleaning, ironing, D.I.Y, sewing, baking cakes, gardening, dog walking, musical instrument lessons, decorating…you get the point. Sometimes though, we have members who can also offer professional services for time bank credits too!

Sutton Shares members aren’t able to do tasks that need a professional – like repairing the brakes on a car, or doing electrical, plumbing or gas work. But there are thousands of things that can be done and we’ll help you discover them at the New Members Training that is part of the registration process.

Here’s an example


Timebank process picture

1. Sue does Sophia’s nails

2. And uses her credit to have John give her guitar lessons

3. John then spends his credit learning how to bake a sponge cake from Claire

4. Claire is happy to get some fitness advice from Helen

5. And Helen uses her credit to learn how to make a video from Harry.

6. Harry then gets help from Sam for his home DIY projects

7. And on it goes…


No money changes hands at any point – and it doesn’t affect anyone receiving benefits.

Most importantly, in the time bank an hour is worth an hour, no matter what the skill on offer. So if you give legal advice for one hour, that’s one time credit. If you help someone with their shopping for an hour, that’s also one time credit. 1 hour = 1 hour.

Organisations can also join through our partners special organisation time bank, Economy of Hours. Member organisations put in their own resources in return for help or resources from other members, individuals or organisations. This means we are able to offer theatre, cinema tickets and other useful and fun stuff as part of the time bank.

Lastly, because Sutton Shares is using the Economy of Hours online platform we will be able to share skills with other time banks in London using the platform. So if, for example, you live in Sutton but work in Hackney, you can earn your credits in Sutton running a bread baking class and spend them on a yoga classes in Hackney.

Get started…It’s easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register
    1. Click on Join Now on the right side of our website OR contact our office for a paper application or to apply by phone
  2. Assessment
    1. Provide two references
    2. Attend our short ‘Introduction to Time Banking’ workshop that covers how to utilize the time bank effectively and most importantly safely and will help you think outside the box for offers/requests. Sessions are held regularly each month, and you can see the upcoming dates/times HERE
  3. Exchange
    1. List your offers and search the requests
    2. Contact other members to start exchanging! All hours exchanged will be tracked on our online database.

Still have questions? We are always happy to talk to you – just give us a call or pop by our office.



You can watch a 2 minute video on how to register below: