About Us

Sutton Shares is the community timebank for the London Borough of Sutton and is run by Volunteer Centre Sutton. It has been developed to meet the needs of all our community members.

Our Vision is to inspire social connections that release the inherent value within our community.

Our Goals are to:

  1. Increase the health and wellbeing of all Sutton residents and build a strong and resilient community
  2. Decrease social isolation and increase community interaction by fostering positive relationships between individuals, organisation and groups
  3. Provide access to non-professional support, services, knowledge and skills so that residents can participate in a full and social life
  4. Demonstrate that all skills and abilities are valued and people can contribute positively to their community

We have three community organisation partners who help us to support those who need help accessing Sutton Shares:

Timebanking in a nutshell

Put simply, timebanking is a way for people and organisations to exchange their time and skills. For every hour a member gives they earn one time-credit, which can be spent to receive something from another member.

It’s an innovative concept that helps people develop meaningful relationships with new people, build confidence and learn new skills. Ultimately, it’s a way to build a stronger community, making Sutton an even better for us all to live in.

Timebanking isn’t a new concept: it arrived in the UK in 1998 when Martin Simon opened the first time bank in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. There are now approximately 300 time banks in the UK involving over 20,000 participants who have given and received over one million hours of mutual support.


Our Core Values

  • People are assets. The wealth of any society is its people, every individual has valuable experience, skills and connections to contribute to the well-being of others in their local community.
  • Reciprocity. We need each other. Giving and receiving are the basic building blocks of positive social relationships and healthy communities.
  • Improving our communities. Belonging to a mutually supportive and secure social network brings more meaning to our lives and opens up new opportunities to build our trust in one another.
  • Respect. Recognising the value that every person has regardless of age, ability, or gender and having the voices of those being helped respected, amplified, and responded to.
  • Redefining work. Activities such as bringing up children, caring for people, keeping communities safe etc have to be recognised and rewarded as real work.